BSRI - Connection Made!!!

Following the November meeting, Rick Richards of Elderhaus mentioned to a board member that he had about 18 tables in good shape that he would like to donate to an organization involved with NBCSCC. It didn’t take long to connect Rick’s resources with Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc., BSRI, the lead provider of programs and services for seniors in Brunswick County.  With the rapidly growing number of seniors retiring in our communities, BSRI continues to expand programs and services to help fill social, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs.


BSRI serves over 100,000 meals each year, providing Meals on Wheels 5 days each week to home bound seniors, and serving congregate lunch at 10 locations, strategically located geographically to ensure all seniors, in all communities, have access to the resources they need in order to remain healthy and safe in their own homes for as long as possible.


The new Brunswick Center at Leland will open shortly after the beginning of the New Year, providing services to seniors in the North Brunswick communities.  Plans are underway for Senior Centers in Supply and Calabash.  It is largely due to donations, grant funding, and fundraising events that BSRI is able to expand services and resources to meet the growing needs of seniors in our communities.  Generous donations such as the 28 tables and storage cart donated to BSRI by Elderhaus, will contribute greatly to the up-fit of the new facilities.


If you would like to help provide equipment and furnishings or services and programs for the new Brunswick Center at Leland, contact Debra @ (910) 754-2300, ext. 1008 or visit BSRI on the web at  


Debra Marlowe

 Organizational Development Coordinator

            910-754-2300 Ext. 1008

Leave a lasting legacy to your community by remembering BSRI in your estate plan.



Thank you to all that have supported "The Garden at Lincoln Elementary".  This project started out as an idea to build mathematical concepts through hands on applications and now it is a reality.  With the support from local organizations (Kiwanis Club, Brunswick County Cooperative Extension, New Homes, and Lincoln Elementary PTO)  and many individuals, phase one is complete and the students are growing their futures through hands on learning.  We are currently working on phase two fundraising for the construction of our outdoor classroom space. Thank you again to all of our volunteers, the town of Leland, and to the North Brunswick County Services Coordinating Council for working together to help build our students future!

1st Breath's First Year on the East Coast

It has been a year since 1st Breath first packed up its offices and moved to Leland North Carolina.  It has been an eventful and happy year.  1st Breath is honored to be invited to participate on the North Brunswick County Coordinating Committee where nonprofits can come together and share efforts and resources.  The Town of Leland stepped up and has formally proclaimed Oct 15 as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  The town officials have provided access to facilities and equipment for the annual Oct 15th events that include both remembrance activities and participation in the International Wave of Light.  The City of Wilmington North Carolina is also working with 1st Breath to proclaim Oct 15th as a remembrance day in Wilmington NC.  The City of Kansas City Missouri proclaimed Oct 15th as a permanent Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day prior to 1st Breath leaving MO.  We are grateful to each of these cities for their support and kindness.

The Town of Leland is building a small Baby Loss Memorial Garden near the Municipal Park and Town Hall.  The first flowers planted will be those provided by families attending he Oct 15th events.  Each person will be provided with paper that is embedded with flower seeds  They will be able to write a note to the baby they are honoring and Leland will plant the notes in the new memorial garden  1st Breath has selected this method of honoring our babies over an annual balloon release due to the environmental issues derived from balloon debris. It is hopeful that remembering and honoring our babies with the seed embedded paper will bring life and comfort to the new Baby Loss Memorial Garden.

This is the type of service and impact our coordinating council can have on our community in addition to helping each other fill specific needs.